API Keys

Access to the Scalyr API is via API keys.

(1) To create and manage your API keys, first select your account.

(2) Then select "API Keys" to access the "Manage API Keys" page.

This page lists all generated API keys for the account in two tables, Log Access Keys and Configuration Access Keys. For each you can add a read or write key. The table below shows available API methods for each combination:

Key Type Summary and Available Methods
Log Read Access Methods to read logs: Log Query, Numeric Query, Facet Query, and Timeseries Query, powerQuery
Log Write Access Methods to write logs: uploadLogs and addEvents
Configuration Read Access All methods available to Log Read Access, plus methods to view configuration files: listUsers, listGroups, listUsersInGroup, getFile, and listFiles
Configuration Write Access All methods available to Log Read Access and Configuration Read Access, plus methods to write configuration files:inviteUser, editUserPermissions, revokeAccess, addGroup, editGroupPermissions, removeGroup, addUsersToGroup, removeUsersFromGroup, and putFile

(3) Select "Add Key" to add a read key or write key. The default name of the key is the current date in the format "DDD MM YYYY". To change the name of the key, hover over they key name, and an edit icon will appear. Click on the icon and you will be prompted to enter any name of 20 or fewer characters.

(4) Once the key has been generated, hovering your cursor over it will bring up options to Copy, Edit. and Delete the key.