Search Helper

The Search Helper is an enhanced autocomplete feature that helps you create search filters and Power Queries quickly and accurately. It is available in the new UI on all search pages. It appears below a search input when it has suggestions for you.

As you type, the Search Helper will show you a list of suggestions based on what you've typed so far and the page you're on. The suggestions are divided into sections by type. Suggestion types include field names, field values, functions, keywords, and operators.

Field names and values are taken from those discovered during your current session. That means that the set of fields and values that are matched against is not exhaustive, and does not represent all of your data. If you have not run any searches (for example by going directly to the Power Query page), we will run a small search in the background to get some fields and values. Generally, if you have seen a field in the left sidebar, it is available to the Search Helper for matching.

Values shown are for the field in the search term you're building:


You can select a suggestion by clicking on it, and it will replace the matched text in your search. But it's generally more convenient to use keyboard shortcuts to interact with the Search Helper since you're already on the keyboard. When the Search Helper appears, none of the suggestions is selected. A selected suggestion will have a different background than the other suggestions in the list. Shortcuts can be used to manage which suggestion is selected and to use it to complete the current search term.

Shortcut Action
Tab Perform completion using the selected suggestion, or the first if none is selected
Enter Perform completion using the selected suggestion
Esc Close the Search Helper
Down Arrow Move selection to the next suggestion, or the first if none is selected
Up Arrow Move selection to the previous suggestion
Right Arrow Show help for the selected suggestion (if available)
Left Arrow Hide help

Moving selection via the up and down arrow keys skips the section headers, and wraps around the top and bottom.


Suggestions for functions and Power Query commands come with additional help. When selected, the suggestion will show a brief summary of the function or command, and a Help button. Clicking the Help button (or hitting the right arrow key) reveals a help panel to the right. The help panel includes a description of the function or command, its syntax, and examples. If more extensive documentation is available, there will be a "More Help" button in the help panel's header to take you there.


If you move the cursor from the end to earlier in your search string, the Search Helper will autocomplete against the search string up to the cursor. In most cases, it will do what you expect when you perform completion.

The Search Helper is enabled by default. To turn it off, go to the Labs page.