Scalyr connector for Google Data Studio

The Scalyr connector for Google Data Studio makes it possible for you to "blend" multiple data sources with Scalyr Powerqueries result and visualize them in a single plane of glass. This has the added benefit of using your own data together with Scalyr without duplicating it across to Scalyr.

The ability to query all your log data with PowerQueries and visualize as well as correlate with other data sources in a an intuitive interface allows anyone to make the log information more useful and accessible to all.


  1. Access to Google Data Studio which is available for free.
  2. A Scalyr read log API Key: A Scalyr API Key is required for Data Studio to send PowerQuery requests to Scalyr and return results. You can obtain one by going to your account in the Scalyr product and selecting the “API Keys” from the menu in the top right corner. You can find documentation on API Keys here.
  3. PowerQuery: Scalyr PowerQuery that you need to use. You can use multiple queries. Please refer to the Powerqueries documentation

Getting started

Scalyr connector is already published on Google Data Studio.

1. Start in Google Data Studio. Click `Create` and then `Data Source`

2. In the Search field type `Scalyr` and you should see `Scalyr PowerQuery` as a partner connector. Select the connector and that will Launch the connector configuration.

3. If this is your first time using the connector or if Scalyr updates the connector permissions you may be asked to Authorize Data Studio to use Scalyr connector. Since each configuration is linked to a specific PowerQuery you may want to give the Data Source a user friendly name so your teams can reuse your Data.The Authorization may show you permissions requested by Scalyr connector. This permission is to connect to Scalyr API endpoint only. You will still need the API Key later.

4. Parameters: You will be asked to fill in the parameters.

Param Description
Region US Region or EU Region as per your Scalyr account.
Scalyr Read API Key Copy and paste this from your Scalyr account. Please ensure the API key has sufficient permission to run the query.
PowerQuery Enter the Scalyr Power Query here. Escaping is not required. Sorting is optional. It's recommended to define only the `columns` you need to retrieve.

5. On the next screen you will observe the list of `Fields` which are essentially `Columns` from PowerQuery. The `Type` in the list of fields is a best effort estimate based on sample data retrieved. You can adjust and customize the field names, types and aggregations here.

6. Click `Explore` or `Create Report`

7. Once in the report interface you can add a visualization and select the Scalyr data source you just created. Click "CONNECT" on top right.

Refer to one of our Demo reports


  1. Data Studio sends all queries with `date` ranges and not in finer time ranges like hours, minutes or seconds.
  2. When you select a single day as the daterange, the Scalyr connector will automatically add a time range from `0000 hrs` to `23:59:59` to the daterange. This is mainly for compatibility with Scalyr query date range input for the same start and end dates.
  3. Data studio uses UTC time.
  4. Data studio can only fetch maximum of one million rows of data.